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See What Canadian Immigration Sponsorships Involve

Canada seems to a promising land looking at the number of people who immigrate here every year in search for jobs and quality living. If you look at those who have immigrated to this great land, you would discover that Canadian immigration sponsorships have been behind it. If you are in the process on getting a visa to Canada, you should consult a reputable sponsorship lawyer to make the process easier for you. Even you just want your spouse to accompany you to Canada, the procedure doesn’t change and consulting an immigration lawyer is still a great option.

One thing you need to bear in mind is the nature of sponsorship offered to Canada and the category of people that qualify for this. It doesn’t mean that you can go to Canada with all your relatives since the number of those who can be sponsored is limited and well outlined. If you have a conjugal partner you intend to sponsor, you should first ensure they are above 16 years old. The immigration sponsorship doesn’t hinder you from immigrating to Canada with your parents or even grandparents if you can afford the process.

It is required that the sponsor provides their income documents after the parents are given sponsorship to analyze the sponsorship more keenly. If the sponsor intends to immigrate with a child, the law regards the child dependent as long as they are 22 years and below. It is recommended that you involve a sponsorship lawyer in the sponsorship application process since it can be daunting in most cases. Feel free to talk to someone you know probably went through the sponsorship process through a lawyer and let them refer you to the lawyer for help.

You can’t compromise the sponsorship requirements and expect the process to be smooth. It’s vital to be conversant with the Canada sponsorship rules that state that the sponsor should reside in Canada. If the sponsor is a true resident of Canada, the law allows them to sponsor their conjugal partner, relative, or spouse. In some cases, you as the sponsor would produce a proof that you would live those you are sponsoring. The sponsorship department won’t continue with your application process if they realize that social assistance is what you depend on.

One thing you must do when sponsoring someone on Canada is confirming you can give them the basic needs they need. The sponsorship application process is a serious process and it’s strictly scrutinized. The person you are sponsoring isn’t expected to have any criminal history or even suffering from certain medical issues. It’s hard to immigrate to Canada without a valid travel document or passport.

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