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Ways To Mitigate Workplace Violence

The act or threat of intimidation, harassment, physical violence or any behaviors that will may you uncomfortable at your workplace is what is termed as workplace violence. When we talk about violence, and it does not mean that you have to be physically abused to have any relevance but also verbal and emotional abuse is categorized the same. There is a need for the management in organizations and companies to take a keen look for such cases as violence so that they can give the company an effective and productive room to grow. Workplace violence comes in different forms; it could be between an employee and a colleague, employee and the organization or an external party like customer. It is vital that the management of the company or the organization find the best way to curb violence cases as the productivity level and success will be negatively affected when such happens. There has to be an effective way that will influence how the company should avoid cases of violence as the employee relations needs to be of high level in order to impact productivity. There are different ways in which violence in the workplace can be handled.

If any company can come up with rules and regulations concerning the employees code of conduct there will be a refrain when it comes to such behaviors as violence. This helps send a message to employees and other members of the organization that any form of violence will be dealt with seriously and not sparingly. The policy should clearly define the acts that the organization considers to be violent, and the repercussions that come with not adhering to it. Before any new employee is brought on board there is a need for the management to explain what is expected and the penalties that come along when such cases happen. It is vital for the management to access the workplace and identify factors that make them vulnerable to incidents of violence, this should be done often. The factors could include increased stress levels, lack of adequate training and management laxity to implement appropriate disciplinary actions.

If you fail to include and involve the employees in your workplace violence mitigation plans, there is bound to be more cases as they are the one who understands exactly what should be addressed. Through safety training and awareness on the unacceptable behaviors within the company and part of the employees ethic, the execution of the penalties to the perpetrators will serve as the best examples. During the training such factors as violence recognition and communication strategies need to be addressed as they are very essential in the mitigation process. Individuals should be accountable and be responsible to their behaviors, understand the culture of the organization and the specific behaviors that makeup workplace violence. This helps in finding discrepancies and thus corrective measures can be implemented to ensure that the program bears fruits.

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